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Pokemon X and Y

2014-03-16 20:45:23 by iCringe

Long overdue.

About time I reviewed this, I realized. Let's start with the bad stuff and go into the good.

There's actually not a whooole lot of bad stuff to say about this game. Mostly just nitpicky stuff; I wish you could turn off your rollerskates from the circle pad. It gets really annoying after a while when you just want to walk, especially since the circle pad is so much more convenient than the directional pad. To be quite frank, I don't like the roller skates. I didn't even like them before you get the bike, and after that there's literally no real reason to HAVE roller skates. They should at the very least be equippable, like the bike. Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way is your rivals... or lack thereof, so to speak. I know this has been going on for a while, but I feel like Pokemon fans have been asking for a throwback to old rivalries for a long time now, and these people aren't even recognizable as friends for the most part, let alone rivals. They're mostly annoying, to be honest; Shauna and Tierno were both incredibly annoying, and I didn't like having them around. Serena was somewhat weak, in my opinion, and the only standable one was Trevor, mostly because he didn't say much... even then, he wasn't very likable or exciting, either.

Another thing that I really kind of have to nitpick at is the Fairy type. Game Freak did this... both right AND wrong. They made Fairy type, essentially, as a counter to a lot of the most common attacking types, Dragon, Fighting, and Dark. And with that, they tried to give a couple of other less offensive types, Steel and Poison, a bit of a shove by making them counters to Fairy. But therein lies the problem... Steel, as a general whole, lacks a whole lot of offensive prowess in the competitive battling scene, mostly being used for defense and setup. Not to mention, even if they ARE used offensively, they don't have such strong moves as Focus Blast or Blizzard; the strongest move commonly available to most of them being Iron Head or Gyro Ball. Which aren't BAD moves, but aren't exactly OHKO moves, either. Then Poison just lacks overall usage competitively, most Poison types relying on secondary typing or status effects to make them work. As with all things, there are a few notable exceptions to both these rules, but for the most part Fairy type remains a little unchecked. Even Bulbapedia admits:

"The Fairy type is arguably one of the best defensive types in the game, along with Steel. It has a resistance to Fighting types, as well as the Dark and Bug types, which means resistance to Pursuit and U-turn. Most of all, it also has a useful immunity to Dragon-type moves. Its only weaknesses are to Poison and Steel, both of which are rarely used offensively."

While I was excited to see a counter to Dragon types finally come to fruition, they just didn't do it right. Fairy type Arceus is honestly practically able to sweep in Ubers near unchecked, and there just aren't a lot of suitable counters in lower tiers as well. The only real thing keeping them from dominating every tier ever is the general lack of them; they are one of the rarest types now, having only just been introduced.

The storyline was a little bland, too. There wasn't much going on most of the time until the relative end, where it all kinda hits you like a train. I wish they would have fleshed it out more over the course of the story, rather than just have one big dramatic ending.

Finally, there are the bad guys in the game, Team Flare. They weren't bad, but they weren't good either. Just your average, annoying Pokemon bad guys. Kind of like Team Rocket, except dumber. Which is really saying something.

But... it's Pokemon. It can't be all bad. For one thing, and one BIG thing, I cannot find a SINGLE purely bad Pokemon in Generation 6. That's big, considering it's, oh yeah, a POKEMON GAME. All of the Pokemon are not only usable, but also pretty great. If I had to choose a SINGLE Pokemon from all the new ones to call bad, I'd say Pangoro, because he has the stats of a Rock type without the good defensive typing. But even Pangoro's not bad at all. All of the Pokemon are good choices, fun to use, and great to experiment with.

Another thing is that you'd have a really hard time running out of in-game stuff to do. Even before the National Dex, you have a HUGE challenge of filling the Regional Dex because it's just so huge. With multiple Pokemon from every region, it's got ridiculous variety to help shape your team however you want.

Then there's the new Mega Evolution concept. It's good to see this new concept take off, and I would love to see more of it in the future. Unlike Fairy type, the balance with Mega Evolution is PERFECT; it powers up a Pokemon to roughly legendary status, but you can only use it once per team, per battle, and you lose your item slot to your Mega Stone. The only real disappointment in my mind is that there weren't MORE of them. 

All in all, I'd give Pokemon X and Y a rough 8/10. They weren't perfect, nor were they the best Pokemon games in the franchise, but they were a great addition regardless.4417662_139501712021_rise_of_yveltal___red_fullhd_by_dekus-d6bbkxj.png

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